Kirsten presents Queen & Hero for a Day at Ronald McDonald House Pasadena

Saturday, June 16th, I led four volunteers through a Queen & Hero for a Day visit at the Pasadena location of RMH. 

The event went absolutely AMAZING!! Everybody had a blast! The girls loved having their makeup and nails done and then in return, loved doing our makeup and nails! The boys loved the superhero theme and loved picking out their capes and coloring their own bags and masks. Even the parents loved coloring the bags!

The temporary tattoos were a HUGE hit!! All the kids loved getting their own tattoos and doing other peoples tattoos as well. The tattoos also helped them with counting too. Whenever we did the tattoos, we would all count to 10 in Spanish and then take off the back and reveal the tattoo and the kids LOVED it!! They thought it was so funny!

Then we brought out the finger shooters and the event became an outdoor party! We had a whole finger shooter war and we were pushing the kids on bikes and playing basketball! The music also really helped set the mood. People were dancing and getting their groove on!  

All in all, the event was a huge hit, everybody had the best time and are all wondering when we can do another one. 

Jaidah - Update #2

On February 26th, I supported the Children's Miracle Network at IHOP with my little pageant sister, Ember. We laughed, ate pancakes and talked about how we can help the kids under the For A Day Foundation. Ember said she wanted to help. She collected 20 crowns from some of her friends to help support the cause. I collected 20 as well; I had to match my little counterpart. 

We secured a sponsorship with the Waffle House to provide all of the breakfast food for our event (Bunny Breakfast Benefit). We also had to move the date to 3/31/2018 to accommodate the sponsors. 

Last week, my mother and I came up with a list of businesses to approach for sponsorship. I am visiting them in person and mailing letters to ask for their support. I'm also applying for a teen volunteer job with the UK hospital for the summer. They only accept teens during the summer and open the application process for 30 days, so I am excited to see if I am accepted.

My Goals & Progress from Week 1 - Jaidah

The first week of connecting with the Director of the foundation, measurable goals were established. I will help bring awareness to the community about the national program and support the Director with fundraising efforts to purchase tiaras, nail polish, and make-up for the organization as a whole. 

- I've set a goal to host a Benefit Breakfast to support the foundation on March 24, 2018 in Lexington, KY.   

- I've partnered with a pageant director in Atlanta, Georgia to host a tiara drive in October 2018.

- I'm currently raising funds online through my Facebook Fanpage and a virtual tiara drive. 

My First Day on the Town...

My First Day on the Town...

On Saturday we went out on our first run to ask for donations! I was very nervous, so we decided that we would go to Macy's and ask for makeup. And it was great! Here's what happened:

We got to Macy's and decided that we would go to one of the makeup sections (Lancome) to see what they do with makeup that does not sell. We talked to one of the workers and she said that she would call the manager down because she (the worker) did not know. The manager came down and she was so sweet! She said that what they do is they send it back to the factory. Then we started telling her about For A Day. She was so touched, she started to get teary eyed! She asked us if Macy's could possibly partner with us! We're now in discussions about the possibilities for future partnerships. It was an absolute DREAM to get that kind of response on our first time going out!!!  

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