Welcome & Thank you for supporting kids with cancer!

We’re For a Day Foundation and we’re thrilled to meet you! For 19 years, we’ve been quietly serving kids with cancer and other serious illnesses with quality of life programs throughout the US - over 7,000 of them, in fact! Specifically, we host parties in hospital playrooms, like Queen for a Day & Hero for a Day, to bring a little piece of childhood directly to the hospital playroom.

We’ve watched businesses & corporations become more community-minded over the years, and we’re grateful to provide opportunities for you to plug in. Hosting a supply drive is the quickest & simplest way to accelerate the immediate impact for kids with cancer, with minimal planning.

First, a little about our programs. in our hospital parties, we choose universally relevant themes that entice kids to leave their rooms and interact with others. We use a variety of supplies to create truly special parties, to encourage participation. Because of our local chapter setup, we also choose supplies with a small physical footprint, that’s easy to ship cross country. Keeping supplies light and focused helps us maintain lower overhead. From mini makeovers with Almay cosmetics, kid-friendly nail polish, tiaras and boas, to superhero feats in capes and masks and games with firefighters and police officers, we aim to distract, cheer up, and support.

While there is an opportunity for small groups of 5-7 people to volunteer at our hospital visits, we can engage dozens of people through supply drives. For instance, Foundation Medicine hosted an internal supply drive for superhero capes and masks, raising enough funds for us to purchase 520 superhero capes and masks, which covered all we needed for one year.

Here’s a list of potential supplies you can choose to gather for us, with an approximate value for one year of supplies for all chapters:

  • color-your-own drawstring bags: $3700

  • superhero capes/masks: $2500

  • nail polish: $500

  • faux feather boas: $2000

  • makeup: eyeshadow ($2000), blush ($2200), lipstick ($2200)

  • tiaras: $2400

  • alternatively, support a local chapter. Funds will be used to purchase a variety of supplies used at the local level.

There are a couple ways to host a supply drive: (1) request specific items to be purchased by the participants and dropped at a specific location, or (2) monetary donations made to cover the approximate cost of one item. We encourage the corporation/business to consider matching employee donations, as additional incentive.

Given the logistics of storing and shipping physical items, we prefer the monetary donations. This gives us the flexibility to order what we need, when we need it.

Supply drives can be hosted any time of year, although September (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month), or November (Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), or December (holiday drives or end-of-year giving) are popular times.

Email us through the form below and we’ll work out a plan that fits your resources!

Thank you for actively seeking meaningful support for kids with cancer.

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A HUGE thanks to Foundation Medicine employees

for hosting a supply drive and raising over $2,000 for superhero capes and tiaras!