FAQs for Hospitals

How do you choose which patient gets to be queen?

Every child is queen!  We bring enough supplies so each patient receives a gift bag and tiara.

How often do you schedule events?

Each chapter director commits to at least 2 events per year for each facility they choose to work with.  They will work with you to determine what is appropriate for your facility. 

How can I get this program at my facility?

Contact us and let us know you are interested.  We will either find someone in your area or the national office will come to you to host an event.  Our goal is to establish a relationship with your facility to offer our services on a consistent, long-term basis.  If the national office comes, we would ask to invite the media to let the community know the program is available and volunteers are needed.  Ideally, a volunteer would come forward from the media coverage and the chapter development begins.


What is your privacy policy?

We respect hospital policy on patient privacy.  We train our volunteers to be sensitive of the questions they ask and provide examples of topics to talk about other than illness, treatment, etc.  We prefer to have photo releases on all patients as we use photos for the website and other materials.  However, we understand that is not always possible with every patient.  We can work with a sticker system where children without a release wear a sticker so our cameras know not to take a photo. 

However, each child receives a photo of their experience to take with them.  Some chapters still use Polaroid cameras and film, but most are now using digital cameras and travel printers.  Should a patient not sign a release, we would still like to be able to provide the photo for the child and will erase the photo once it has been printed.

How do you ensure immunity control?

We take several precautions to keep the patients safe. While our make-up is donated from various sources, we make sure it meets certain criteria. The make-up we provide is new and is used only on that patient to avoid cross-contamination with other people.  We do not use eyeliner or mascara and the make-up is hypo-allergenic.  If feather boas are provided, they have been ordered from a company that wraps them individually during production and are unwrapped only when being given to the child. 


Can I invite patients outside the oncology unit?

We are established for cancer patients and have an obligation to offer services as we advertise.  However, we understand that not every facility houses oncology separate from other units and we cannot single out only those patients with cancer. In those instances, yes, we can provide the event for patients housed with oncology. However, providing for entire pediatric hospitals can strain our resources. Depending on the chapter’s growth, it can be something to work towards and can be considered in the future.


We do not allow gender-specific programs. 

No problem.  We have Hero for a Day as an alternative to the Queen for a Day program.  We can plan these two programs simultaneously or separately. Also, as the local chapter develops a relationship with you and the facility, we can work together to create additional 'for a day' themes that suite the community.