Our flagship program. 

Provides make-overs, manicures, and tiaras to participants. Each child keeps the make-up and nail polish used during the event. They also receive a photo to commemorate their day in their rhinestone tiara and feather boa.

This event focuses on feeling good, rather than only looking good.



Based on comic book superheroes. Some chapters also use firefighters and police officers, local athletic teams, or other local themes. Events are focused on bravery and courage, overcoming obstacles, and introducing positive role models. *implemented in most local chapters.

Cancer affects one in every 300 hundred boys and one in every 333 girls before the age of twenty, leading to a large population of children with cancer.  The incidence for childhood cancer is highest in the first year of life, when a child’s physical and emotional being is at its most delicate stage.  Just as cancer spans the spectrum color, socio-economic status, geographic location, race, gender, and all other classifiers, so do our services.

Diagnosis and treatment can overwhelm a family, forcing them to forget that patient is still a person.  A mother who was crying at a QFAD party because she had forgotten about the little girl behind the disease best exemplifies this point.  She said since the diagnosis, she had only been able to see her daughter as a child with cancer.  The QFAD party showed her that her daughter was still a little girl—her little girl.  Numerous patients have undergone a personality transformation during FADF events.  From being tired and shy, to dancing and sharing their new make-over with anyone in sight, children revel in the joy of their youth.