We’re For a Day Foundation and we’re thrilled to meet you! For 19 years, we’ve been quietly serving kids with cancer and other serious illnesses with quality of life programs throughout the US - over 7,000 of them, in fact! Specifically, we host parties in hospital playrooms, like Queen for a Day & Hero for a Day, to bring a little piece of childhood directly to the hospital playroom.

We understand that long hospital stays are lonely, stressful, and emotionally draining.

That’s where we come in. For a couple hours, we’re there to treat your child with play and laughter and smiles. Maybe even a little dancing or ‘flying!’ From mini makeovers with Almay cosmetics, kid-friendly nail polish, tiaras and boas, to superhero feats in capes and masks and games with firefighters and police officers, we aim to distract, cheer up, and support.

We implement these fun times through a network of local chapters throughout the US. If we have a chapter in your area (check here), you can request a one-on-one visit with our volunteers. And anyone can request a Queen for a Day kit. We’ll send you a crown and an Almay makeup set so you can bring some flare into your day! Wear your crown to appointments and checkups, show off your glossy lips and eyes with the latest trends in makeup and beauty. Anything to bring a little fun into treatment.

We’ll be building a library of makeup tutorials in the coming months, so stay tuned for that development!

In the meantime, register below for the release of our official Queen for a Day kit!

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A HUGE thanks to Foundation Medicine employees

for hosting a supply drive and raising over $2,000 for superhero capes and tiaras!