March 21 - Luau for a Day - Ronald McDonald House of Rochester

Our annual Luau event was doubled this year, as we took a party into the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester a week after our Minneapolis visit.

Stations included makeup/nail polish/tiaras, bowling, ring toss, crafts, and the photo booth. Crafts and bowling were huge hits, and kids and parents loved the photo booth!

Jedi Jack was one to remember – the boy was a numbers whiz! We served children who had arrived as far back as before Thanksgiving, and others who arrived the day before. The kids, families, and staff were all very excited to have our enthusiastic group visit. They told us we should return on Bingo nights to help, since the group was so full of life an energy. The kids, families, staff, and our team all had an incredible time in Rochester, and look forward to our next event there.

We saw 4 boys and 3 girls.