May 15 - MD Anderson Children's Cancer Center

We were exhilarated to do another event where we turned treatment day into a fun day for the pediatric patients at MD Anderson.

We had a table with tiaras, superhero capes and masks, yarn wigs from the Magic Yarn Project, and books thanks to our donors from the book drive and Usborne! One of the boys who came didn’t feel very well. His mom said that she motivated him to get out of his room by telling him about our event. He didn’t want to choose his superhero cape and mask, but his face brightened when he saw the tiara; he asked his mom if he could take one for his sister.

When we told him yes, he was very happy and, with a lot of care, chose one special tiara. Later on the event, his father arrived with his sister. We saw that his sister is still an infant, but for this boy, it meant a lot for him to be able to give his sister a tiara. His smile as he was carefully choosing a tiara for his sister represents one of the many sweet and magical moments through which seconds, minutes, hours, even the whole day, is positively transformed for a child and his family, especially when time is so precious as they are fighting against cancer.

We had another table with a bean planter activity, which we decided to do again since the children liked it so much from our last event at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center. The children enjoyed decorating pots with their names and drawings, and nestling cotton into it for planting an organic black bean.

We also had another craft activity which the children created their own bouquets of flowers made of felt. The children loved this activity. There was a boy about 8 years old who worked very carefully on his bouquet. He really enjoyed doing it and took lots of precautions to create a beautiful bouquet for his mom.

Costco donated a sumptuous lunch of fresh chicken wraps, Caesar salad, pizza, bottled water and juices. The families, a total of 40 people, enjoyed the delicious lunch and the children especially loved the pizza.

We also had a face painter who is incredible at her art, and so patient and kind with the children. Some of the children went straight to her as soon as they entered the activity room. There was a little girl who had her arm painted and her mother got the same image on her arm as well. Mother and daughter looked so happy as they smiled for pictures.

And thus we concluded yet another amazing event for our guests of honor, 8 girls and  5 boys, and their families! Thank you to all our volunteers and donors!