A Mother's Poem - In Loving Memory...

In Loving Memory of Ethin RaiLuc Twigg January 9, 2009-June 27, 2009

Written by Jessica Twigg, mother of Ethin, to the Detroit chapter

C.S. Mott’s Childrens hospital is one I know to well
It’s a place where stories are and families dwell
The halls are filled with people some are happy and some are sad
Some come in and some go, some work hard to make it not as bad
I spent many days there praying by a special boy
Some days were hard but Ethin brought me a lot of joy
Day in and day out some days were all the same
Then one day some very special people came
They wore boas, badges, and uniforms
They had come in to bring a light in the midst of all our storms
Making our children heroes and queens for a day
Giving parents massages for a moment showing us something besides the gray
Laughter that day they filled all the halls
Giving out tiara’s, fire hats, and balls
Some tears that day I know I shed
When I took them to Ethin who was confined to his bed
They stood there listened and talked for a while
A picture was taken everyone wearing a smile
A chief held my hero until the picture was done
His name was Ethin he is my son
Since that day my life has changed in the most drastic way
For Ethin has gone to heaven and on this Earth he could not stay
I wish he was here with us all tonight
But Ethin my warrior, my hero,  my son he has won his fight
The men and women who came that day to share there title of hero
They are heroes without that badge or uniform this I know
For they come in and expect nothing in return
The things they go through for these kids there is so much we can learn
Ask them about the kids and families whose paths they cross
Make sure you comfort them when they hurt when our lives face a terrible loss
Let them share with you the smiles that they get to see
And know they are heroes beyond the uniform you all see!

View Jessica's blog at: http://ethinsheartbeats.blogspot.com/