April 16 Visit Summary

This was our first party for 2015.  Great way to kick off the 2015 year!  We hosted 10 girls with bright colored nails and glossy lips!

So pleased that The Tutu Ladies once again were able to bring their talents to puts huge smiles on these little faces.  Very sweet to witness the hardship of picking the perfect tutu and capes. I so enjoy watching these ladies interact with the children.  They have a heart of gold.

We were honored with the appearances of some very special ladies.  We had in attendance to ensure smiles were contagious: Rachael Briley Neudecker, Mrs. Tennessee United States, Mrs. Tennessee USA Universal, Katie Hock, Cheryl Brehm Mrs. Tennessee America, Jaclyn Torrento, Miss Henderson Co., and ANTSO National Sweetheart, Tori Inman.  These ladies are such wonderful role models for the children.  

We had a little girl that attended dressed in her princess dress, and was given the royal treatment fit for Queen!!  I so love watching these great volunteers work their magic on painting nails and lips, and the huge task of the perfect CROWN!!   

Our lucky boys were treated to the Nashville Firefighters Engine 16, these guys and lady are so great with these kids.  We had 4 boys excited to hang out and talk to the firemen, they help them pick out party favors and share in some laughs.  It was great for the girls to see that they too can be a firefighter!! They were encouraged to try on the actual gear that had the great smoky smell to it!!    

Another HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that devote their precious time to put huge smiles on these precious children faces if only for an hour, the memories made in that hour will last a lifetime. 

So looking forward to more parties and making smiles!!