April 25th - Queen & Hero for a Day at Inova Fairfax Hospital

Wednesday, April 25th, we had a party at the Inova Fairfax Outpatient Clinic. We had wonderful volunteers, including Clare and Meg, who are part of the DC Committee, Kiona, who helped tremendously especially with makeup and nails, AND several volunteers who dressed up. Jamison dressed as Superman, Emirjon dressed as Batman, and Nertila was Minnie Mouse! 

There were 5 boys served (plus a few were given capes or hats from waiting room or for siblings as we were packing up!), and 8 girls served.

We had a princess table complete with tiaras, boas, all sorts of makeup, and nail polish including nail art. We also had a very popular superhero table, with various character capes and masks and some blank that children enjoyed creating their own with special fabric paints. There were firemen hats, superhero slap bracelets, and superhero toy balls.

There also was an activity center for a variety of arts and crafts: bead and bracelet making, jewelry or treasure chest decorating, journal decorating, and even a perfume sample set the older teen girls enjoyed.

As we were leaving, one parent spoke very earnestly on how grateful she was for our activities. She emphasized how much it meant that instead of just finding a good TV show to watch they were able to have a special treatment and activities for fun during their appointment. It was very touching to see the impact and the bright smiles.

In the afternoon, we visited the inpatient Pediatric Oncology wing of Inova Fairfax Hospital.  Our volunteers included Clare & Meg (DC Chapter Committee), Kelsey, Faridha, and once again, Superman, Batman, and Minnie Mouse joined (Jamison, Emirjon, and Nertila). 

In the playroom, we set up our Princess table displaying makeup, nail polish, tiaras, and boas.  We had another table for Superhero capes, masks, shield making, and the superhero balls and slap bracelets.  A third table was for arts and crafts: treasure box (or jewelry box) design, notebook decorating, and beads for bracelets. 

There was a sixteen month old baby girl who wore her tiara and boa for photos with her mother.  There was also one boy whose BIRTHDAY we were able to celebrate- he told us his favorite superhero was Flash, and he was able to find the last slap bracelet was Flash-themed! He also excitedly created a Flash shield, a superhero treasure box, and even a Flash-themed journal.

We also were able to do nails and makeup for a 17 year old girl in her hospital room.  There were 3 other boys as well, ranging in ages, that were visited by Superman and Batman, and enjoyed activities such as cape and shield-making.

One of the boys was in isolation but was able to see Superman and Batman from his room door and had the biggest smile while chatting with them.

In total there were 2 girls and 4 boys served at this party.