August 12 - Camp Quality North

Who looks more forward to our group going to Camp Quality for the last 12 years? It’s really a toss-up between the volunteers or the kids who know that we’re coming! We had 20 girls and 23 boys this year and all of their companions (43) join us in the dining hall. We bring a dream team of amazing volunteers who spend Friday afternoon getting the campers ready for their annual “Prom” dance.

We bring professional hairstylists. A huge thank you to Shannon Kochis for closing her salon Bella Amici and bringing her awesome staff of Cai Minnis and Rachel Brown~ for the last 5 years! Regina Villemure who trekked 5+ hours on Friday to come do hair, and who also brought tons of goodies with her. This team is the best!!!

We had 3 Mary Kay make-up artists join us this year that were amazing. They brought their talent(s) and made these girls look like models. Thanks Wava Hofmann, Nati Kolb, and Sue Campana. Catie Glossmann did make-up again this year and had girls lined up at her spot. Why? Because she’s done their make-up every year since they started coming to Camp Q! Fun and fabulous manicures were done by Sarah Mouser, Maddie White and Emma Smith.

Our photo frame craft table was looked after by Elina who did a great job helping out, and the cookie decorating was a huge hit for campers and their companions! The campers all received an “after” glamour shot taken by Ron Hormel and Tobias Glossmann. The smiles were incredible!!

Support The Cause teamed up FAD this year to help with the cost of providing this wonderful event. Thanks to all of our supporters!

It’s all about the relationships we build that keeps us coming back each year!

By Debbie Hormel, Camp Quality North Coordinator