August 26 LeBonheur visit summary

It was a beautiful afternoon on August 26, 2014 when we met at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital for an event.  We were pleased to have on hand Memphis firefighters who demonstrated their fire equipment to the children and also took them outside to see the truck.  Batman and Robin were a hit, as always, and entertained everyone with their “presence”.  There were several beauty queens in attendance.  

They greeted each child and made pictures with each and every one.  Our group of eight volunteers painted nails, applied makeup and helped with foam crafts.  The foam crafts are always a hit; even the parents become involved!   LeBonheur had books and hats leftover from a previous event that were distributed to the children as well.  LeBonheur also furnished their infamous fruit punch and cookies.  

We crowned 20 girls and made 11 boys heroes.