Feb 20 - Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

What a great day!! We has some amazing little girls and boys join us today. We had 14 girls very excited to have the Queens painting nails and adding some gloss on the lips. We love having The Tutu Ladies join us!! Actually I think they must become a fixture at our parties, the kids LOVE the time and attention these ladies put into making their visit the best. We watch as little girls twirl around in their own tutus and the boys running with capes flying behind them. 

Such a precious site to see these little girls looking up to the Queens that take the time to attend and make these little girls smile so big. In their eyes they are true Queens. And we are so blessed to have wonderful ladies represent their titles so very well.

One little girl could not quit looking at the Queens crown and was so happy when she got to pick her very own out and had her place it on her head.

The boys were treated to the Vanderbilt Policemen attending our party. What a great job they did greeting the boys and helping them pick out special party favors. We had 7 boys excited to pick out capes and to chat it up with these guys. 

As always so looking forward to our next party day. A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that devote their time to help me put huge smiles on these precious children faces if only for an hour, the memories made in that hour will last a lifetime.