February 2 - Superhero for a Day @ Ronald McDonald House

On February 2, 2015, we had our annual Super Hero for a Day Event. This year we were very lucky to be able to share this program with the children at the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta. We were so warmly welcomed by the Ronald McDonald House employees and guests that were staying there!

Our team of volunteers were able to spend one-on- one time with the kids through our different event stations. Our stations at the even included: super hero mask decorating, temporary tattoos, a caricature artist, cookie decorating, and a super hero obstacle course! The kids and even their families had such a blast dressing up as their very own super heroes! While at the different stations, the kids were visited by Super Man, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, and the DeKalb County Fire Fighters! These real-life super heroes enjoyed the different stations with the kids, and helped them pick out their very own capes! This capes were hand made by a group of volunteers, just for these very special super heroes.

Rico, a boy that was staying at the house, had a night full of fun with Spiderman. Rico and Spiderman spent the evening creating the perfect mask for him, picking out a Spiderman cape, working on their Spiderman poses, and taking pictures together! Another sweet young lady staying at the house fell in love with Wonder Woman. The two were inseparable during her visit at the event while they decorated cookies and bonded over their favorite color, pink! Two brothers enjoyed their night at the event playing with the fire fighters in the super hero obstacle course. The two, and the fire fighters did not quit until they had perfected the course!

Our team of volunteers and super heroes made bed side visits to the children that were not able to attend the event! We did not want a single child to miss out on the experience! We brought them their very own capes and other super hero related items!

The night was filled with laughter, sugar, heroism, and all around fun! The kids and their families had wonderful entertainment for the evening, and souvenirs to bring back to their rooms with them!