March 25 - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Story time For a Day

March 25, 2014

Today we celebrated Dr. Seuss Day (the real holiday is March 2nd) with a wonderful Dr. Seuss-themed Story time For a Day hospital event! We were also very lucky to have a special guest reader, Phil Habuda, a principal at Booz Allen of our very supportive sponsors! He was a fantastic reader and the kids LOVED listening to him! He read Dr. Seuss books with a “Cat in the Hat” hat and the children were able to make their own Cat in the Hat headpiece! We gave them some Story time snacks to enjoy while they listened to story time.

After the stories were complete, we had each child design their very own story time pillow cases to help with catching their dreams while they are in the hospital! They loved it and some beautiful creations were designed! We also gave out the cult favorite Story Time blankets that were DONATED by and CREATED by the children of The Davis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

These children spent an entire morning learning about the foundation back in December and created many blankets for the children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We love giving out these special care packages –fleece blankets, a notebook, pen, handmade crocheted cap, and special Disney story time book-and the children love taking them home.

This special addition to our program is all the brainchild of Copelyn Jue, an amazing high school student that created Blanket Buddies at the age of 14 years old. She is now 18 and her mother, Debi Jue has sat on the Atlanta board for two years. We could not do what we do without special people like Copelyn, Debi, and Phil!

We are proud to say that we are now hospital wide so our program is open to tons more children and we are proud to work with Laura Schiener, the volunteer services coordinator for the entire hospital. She is a true blessing to work with and has a true talent and passion for her job! Here are some pictures that were snapped at the event!

We are proud to welcome Anna Williams to the For a Day Atlanta Board for the 2014 year! She was instrumental in the planning of our fundraiser last year and truly blew us away with her dedication to the cause before she had ever even experienced an event herself. Her selfless and pure dedication to the cause made her the perfect choice to take a spot on the 2014 board! During the Story time event in January, she sang Disney songs with the children as they created their blankets..the children were in awe listening to her beautiful voice and loved hearing them join in as well! She was a true hit at the event and proved once again that she is the perfect fit for the foundation! Great things to come with Anna in our corner!