May 12th Visit Summary

On May 12th, we hosted our 3rd hospital visit at the Children’s Hospital at Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. 


Each patient was excited to receive the royal treatment. The young girls looked at themselves in the mirror after they were crowned with their makeup done. One girl shrieked, “I’m so pretty!!” after she looked at herself all dolled up. It was the sweetest moment. After the girls had their royal makeover, they learned how to wave and pose like a princess from some of the volunteers.  We also read a princess book aloud to the girls as they indulged in their royal treats (cupcakes and tea sandwiches, YUM!). The little queens looked so happy as they left the visit with their parents, and told us to come back again soon! 


I also had the chance to really talk to the CLC and talk about future plans for this FADF partnership with the hospital. I was happy to hear that she loves what we do with the FADF, and looks forward to more visits in the future.