May 26 - Vanderbilt

What a great time today!!  We saw 2 boys and 12 girls. This was our first party with the new Seacrest Studios! What an experience, our volunteers and firefighters were interviewed by the Studio and was aired into all of the patient’s rooms.  This ensures all children can see what is going on and actually participate in the activities.  

We only had two boys attend this one, so our firefighters engaged in games with the Studio and in room patients! So much fun!!

Our Tutu Ladies again thrilled little girls with tutus and magic for the boys in the flying capes. So blessed to have these ladies commit their time and talents to us for these children.

We were honored with the appearances of some very special ladies.  We had special guests, Belle from Royal Elegance Parties, and Miss Jr. Teen Tennessee United States, Emma Conn.  

Belle entertained us with several songs from the movie Beauty and the Beast, which was also broadcasted thru the Seacrest Studios.    

Another HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that devote their precious time to put huge smiles on these precious children faces if only for an hour, the memories made in that hour will last a lifetime.

So looking forward to more parties and making smiles in  2016!!