March 12 - Luau For a Day - Ronald McDonald House - Minneapolis

Our annual Luau For a Day in Minneapolis was a huge hit!! There were stations for nails, makeup, tiaras, face paint, bowling, ring toss, crafts, photos, Hawaiian music, and the newly designed LIMBO! There were six boys, fourteen girls, and eight family members in attendance, with three of the For a Day committee members running the event. We also had the help of Miss Teen MN USA and one of her friends. The kids loved their station – makeup and tiaras!

The boys got a little crazy in the room with ring toss and bowling, and toys and supplies were being sent all over the room. We had to remind them politely that we did not want to ruin the toys for others, and the reminder was repeated throughout the evening. They were so excited and full of energy!

Limbo was a new station added this year and the kids fell in love with it, including Miss Teen MN USA, who is very, very flexible. Other kids gave their best efforts to get to the lowest level, some with success. Chapter director Jason – not so much.

The biggest station was surely the makeup and tiaras, as most of the girls wanted to be part of that operation. Many of them also requested, successfully, to do the makeup of their parents and other volunteers. Kids also loved the crafts station, including a little girl who wanted to eat everything on the table – more about her below!

One little girl, a two-year-old who’s attend more than one of our events, was the star of the show. She ended up coloring her entire face, and even parts of her arms and legs, with face paint sticks. She also consistently requested to be held, specifically by chapter director Jason. When mom tried to take her, she would yell “I will not!” or “No!” She was full of, and expended, so much energy that by the time the event was over, she was exhausted with a red face, ready for bed!

The kids hung around for about an hour and a half, longer than the facility coordinator planned to have us there. With as much fun as the group was having, it was hard to shut down. The kids did not want us to leave. This event was very well attended and we’ll definitely be back very soon!