Summary of Nov 22 visit to Miami Children's Hospital

So this was definitely a more memorable For a Day Foundation Party.  We we hosted by Cancer Support Community at Miami Children's Hospital.  We have 25 RSVP's but unfortunately do to some treatment side effects, we had 4 children, total  3 girls and 1 boy.  However, we had so much FUN!

The girls were not really the "make over crowd" so we did manicures instead.The event started with a visit from the Big Apple Circus Clowns. Then the girls got to do manicures on the volunteers and eventually, so makeovers on the volunteers too.

We made super hero masks and got our crime fighting skills going. Our boy became SHERIFF for the day and took turns running all of us to "Cookie" jail (next to the cookie table in a corner and boxed us in with chairs)  but  Cookie Jail became Vegan Jail because the villains stole the cookies. I am sure I have not laughed that hard in a really long time.

The end of the event included a session of "Laughing Yoga"  really that is the name. A way to awaken the body, while easing stress.  Even the parents joined in. And we LAUGHED ALOT!

I am grateful for every event I host. I meet the most amazing families and volunteers and I am always reminded of how lucky I am to have my life, my friends and my family. Special thanks to Jenna Edwards and For a Day Foundation for allowing me to be part of this amazing organization.

Special thanks to our volunteers, Amanda Shoopman, Miss Coral Gables Outstanding Teen 2014. Georgiana Driefuss, Mrs. Florida Accomplished American 2015.  Siriporn Lek Chuaindhara and her boyfriend Phil and her family members that helped too. And to our hosts Cancer Support Community of Greater Miami and Miami Children's Hospital. Michael Simpson (my happy husband)  Big Apple Circus Clowns and Laughing Yoga.