October 28 Ronald McDonald House visit summary

It was a rainy late afternoon on October 28, 2014 when we met at Ronald McDonald House for an event.  We were pleased to have on hand Memphis firefighters who demonstrated their fire equipment to the children and also took them outside to see the truck (when the rain stopped). 

Batman and Robin again graced us with their presence delighting all, even the adults.  Miss Tennessee was in attendance and excited many young girls.  She spoke to each child and made pictures with each and every one.  Our group of eight volunteers painted nails, applied makeup and helped with foam crafts.  Due to the closeness of Halloween, we decorated orange and black bags that could be used a trick or treat bags. 

Several parents made bags as well!   Since it was almost Halloween, Toby, one of the patients attended in his Halloween costume which was a fireman’s suit.  This delighted the firemen so much that special pictures were made of him with his suit and the firemen’s equipment.  Miss Tennessee sat on the sofa with one of the more timid girls named Ella.  They talked for several minutes and it made Ella feel so special.  

We crowned 7 girls and made 16 boys heroes.