September 11 - Ronald McDonald House, Rochester, MN

Each year, our chapter hosts a September 11th event to recognize our nation's heroes. In attendance this year, we had 3 Rochester firefighters, 1 Rochester sheriff, 1 canine, & 2 U.S. military members. 

The event took a bit to get going, but as we neared what was to be the end of the event, many more children and their families trickled in. The children loved touring and learning about the firetruck and firefighters. They were very intrigued by the canine presentation, also.

The little girls, of course, enjoyed being pampered and getting their nails and makeup done, along with being crowned with tiaras. There were a few hula hoop contests, and the relay race with hula hoops was an exciting time.

This was our first event at the Ronald McDonald in Rochester, and the staff were very helpful and welcoming. The outside patio was very busy by the end of the event, and we ran over by about a half hour, okayed by the RM staff who was hosting. All had a blast, and we’ll definitely be back in the future.

We hosted 8 boys and 6 girls. 

-by Jason Lennox, Local Chapter Director