February 21 - Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

This is the party summary for our party February 21, 2019.

We were so excited to kick off the 2019 year with our first event.  Due to Child Life Specialist being in conferences all day, we were not allowed to take pictures of the children but were able to get some of the volunteers that makes these events happen.

The Tutu Ladies again put huge smiles on faces of each girl and boy with tutus, capes and mask.   This time they completely ran out of tutus and capes, as this was one of the largest groups we have seen.

We had 45 girls that were greeted by special guests Snow White & Elena of Avalor compliments of The Wishes Foundation.  As always these ladies are on point with handling the questions that the kids can ask regarding if they are real.  Love watching those sweet faces. Delaney Henry, Lindsay Bateman, and Autumn Allison, Ms. Fairest of the Fair 2018 Putnam Co and Christy Allison were in attendance.  Huge shout out to Autumn and Christy Allison, they did a coloring book and crayon collection. Coloring has been proven to reduce stress and is a great past time for all ages.  Thank you both so very much for all that you do to make these events great!

 Girls were treated with nail polish, lipstick, party favors and a crown that is donated from girls that compete in pageants local and national levels.

Once all nails and lips are painted, crowns selected and tutus on, the girls have a picture taken with the Princesses.

Our girls and 19 boys were greeted by a very special guest today, Tenny C. Bear from the Highway Patrol Department and his handler.  It was great to see the kids interact with him. Thank you so much for coming out and helping us.

We also were able to send 6 goodie bags with party favors, lip stick, nail polish and a crown for those ones that were unable to attend the event.   

It is so precious to watch these children meet their heroes, make believe (which they don’t realize that just yet) and some real live heroes that impact our lives daily.  These events would not be the same without these people helping to make sweet children believe in fairytales.

 So a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that devote their precious time to put huge smiles on these precious children faces if only for an hour, the memories made in that hour will last a lifetime.

One thing for sure, it never gets old watching smiles and listening to giggles for these kids.  Thank you again for all of the many volunteers, I could not make this happen without you guys.