April 30 - Texas Children's Cancer Center

For A Day had an absolutely amazing event on April 30th, at which we were able to help brighten the day for 43 children currently receiving treatment at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center.

We announced to the children that they each had an appointment in the activity room; their quizzical expressions were immediately replaced by delight and excitement when they found out the appointment was with none other than... a face painter!

We also had an activity table where the children made their own bean planters. Children decorated their own pots, into which they nestled beans into cotton. The final ingredients were a little bit of water and a small sparkle of love. One of the volunteers had started her bean planter a week before the event and brought it along so that the children could see how their own bean plants will eventually look. The volunteer also explained how to take care of the plants.

As our honored Queens for the day and courageous Superheroes for the day, the children were so excited to get dressed up. 23 boys had fun choosing their superhero capes with matching masks. 18 girls enjoyed selecting their tiaras and having their nails done! 

For the second time, an amazing donor, preferring to remain anonymous, donated lunch for all our guests. He provided rice, chicken and beans, plantains, and a truly delectable Brigadeiro for dessert. Thanks to our donor, we were able to serve up a delicious lunch for 91 people. One little girl today had attended a previous event where the same donor had provided lunch; she liked the lunch so much that she had asked for seconds. I remembered her vividly. This morning when I saw her again, she looked pale and sad, not at all like the effervescent girl I remembered. I went up to talk with her, adding that the same donor was bringing lunch again. At this, she opened her eyes wide and said to me with a huge smile... "Really??!!"  

Moments like this, both the big moments and the small, are all part and parcel of why we at For A Day love doing what we do. A great big Texas-sized thank you to all our wonderful donors, sponsors, and corps of amazing volunteers! It is because of each one of you that For A Day is able to successfully change treatment days into fun days for children throughout Houston.