June 10 - 19th Anniversary tour at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

On June 10th, we visited Children’s at Montefiore to host a Queen and Hero for a Day party as part of our 19th anniversary month tour. Throughout the day, we saw 9 girls and 1 boy. Our volunteers were divided amongst two playrooms and the clinic. For this special visit, we featured beautiful products from Almay - like their Shadow Squad collection, blush, and Cosmic Gloss collection!

In the clinic, we visited patients in their exam rooms while they waited for the doctor or while under observation after a treatment. My first guest was a teenager, who was into subtle colors. She went with "Unapologetic" Shadow Squad and "Flame" Cosmic Gloss. On her warm skin, these colors drew attention to her eyes and sparkling smile, without distracting from her natural strengths. 

My next visitor wasn't feeling well enough to partake in the activities, but mom helped her choose a couple of holographic shadows for a mermaid look. I then visited with a set of sisters. The older sister wasn't interested in the activities (at first), but her younger sister was thrilled to jump in with me. After we applied her shadow, blush, and gloss, I showed her her reflection in the mirror and her face lit up into a huge smile, and her little hands clasped under her chin in awe as she inspected her new colors. We then started coloring a bag together, and at that point, her sister asked to join in. So, they colored together until it was time to go. 

I met another little gem with her mom, who also didn't feel well enough to let me do her makeup, but she did perk up enough to choose a crown. Mom was especially excited about the makeup and encouraged her to choose something for later, and then grabbed a Lip Vibe for herself. 

I met another young girl who didn't speak English, but was very active with me. Her 8th birthday was coming up and she was excited to choose a crown and some colorful makeup for the party. 

Our volunteers in the playroom had crafts activities laid out for their visitors, like coloring drawstring bags and decorating their superhero masks and capes with various shapes and letters. For a few teenagers, we left our remaining Almay gifts and tiaras.

We’re so grateful to our local sponsors and to Almay for their generous support. We’re proud to feature their fabulous pieces at our parties!