April 21 - Inova Fairfax Hospital Visit

Thursday, April 21st, we had a party at the Inova Fairfax pediatric oncology wing children’s playroom, and visited two hospital rooms as well. There were 2 boys and 5 girls.

On one table, we had the ‘spa treatment’ of nail polish, makeup of a variety of colors to choose from, and tiaras and boas for dress up. On another table, we had superhero masks to decorate, superhero capes to decorate, and firemen hats to wear. On a last table, we had more arts and crafts, including more masks (even fairy princess masks), and bracelets with a variety of beads.

The digital printer again allowed kids to have fun posing including with Superman! One superhero boy made a cape he was excited to share that he planned to wear for Halloween as well! Another boy that Superman visited in his room made an amazing detailed depiction of a dragon on his cape. He was excited to show it to his brothers and friends.

One princess we visited in her room was delighted to choose a tiara and nail polish for later, and had a blast making a princess mask with sparkly stickers. It was a day full of special heroes and queens.