March 24 - Inova Fairfax Outpatient Clinic

Today we visited the Inova Fairfax outpatient clinic for pediatric oncology. Although because of spring break there were fewer patients than normal/expected, there were 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls.

We had many nail polishes to choose from, a variety of colors of makeup, bracelet making, masks for girls and superhero mask making for boys, boas/tiaras, superhero cape making along with fabric markers, fireman hats, and donated signed baseballs.

With our digital printer children were able to take home photos as well. Superman made an appearance and was in many of the photos with the kids, even though one boy said he thought Superman looked more muscular on TV! The kids enjoyed posing in superhero postures with their capes and masks on with Superman.

The bracelet making and superhero cape making was a hit for both girls and boys- especially spelling out words with alphabet beads, and adding special gems to the capes.

One young girl wanted volunteer help to put decorations on a purple sparkly mask while she had blood drawn and waited for her nails to dry. She pointed to where she wanted feathers, gems, stickers, and sparkly tinsel. When finished, she wore the mask with her tiara and pink nails and sparkly high heel shoes. She looked like the Queen of the world!