March 8 - Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital

FAD Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

March 8, 2016

By Debbie Hormel, R.O. Beaumont Party Coordinator


We had a wonderful opportunity to serve the children at the Royal Oak Beaumont Pediatric Unit by teaming up with a great group of teens from Canton, Michigan and their high schools National Honors Society’s independent service group called, Chemo Care. Their mission is to help kids with cancer using a three step process: to educate, to create, and to deliver. This group of 5 senior high students, led by Elizabeth Yager , sewed chemo bag covers (50+), and I.V. arm board pillow covers (100+). They went to Canton fifth grade classrooms and gave a short presentation about what cancer is, and told about the kids who are in their community that are sick. These children hand decorated each chemo bag cover and arm board cover with markers making each one unique.

Elizabeth also teamed up with Fleece and Thank You which donated over 100 fleece blankets to bring to our event.

Catie Glossmann and Debbie Hormel put together 50+ individual goodie bags with activity books and markers for the younger patients and mandalas coloring books and colored pencils for the teens.

All of these wonderful gifts were donated to the 5th Floor Pediatrics where the Child Life Specialists would pass them out to the inpatient children and teens.

A huge thank you to Elizabeth Yager for coordinating your NHS seniors for this project, to Fleece and Thank You for the 10 huge bags of fleece blankets, and to Catie Glossmann for helping to coordinate the goodie bags and this event.