April 21 - Children's Hospital Providence

Sparkly crowns, a manicure station, and princess coloring books made our spring visit at the Children’s Hospital at Providence indeed “fit for a queen!” We had 2 little queens attend the party, and we paid special visits to two other queens in their hospital rooms to include them in all of the fun. I invited Miss Alaska and a few other local titleholders (MAO) to volunteer at the visit, and they made the girls feel special by giving them the royal treatment they deserved.

Each girl received a bag of royal goodies, her own tiara and a pink pompom scepter to help her rule over her time in the hospital, or as one mother declared, “so you can show your big brother you are the boss!”

One of the most moving moments of the visit was when the parent guardian of a patient got tears in her eyes and thanked us for visiting her little one. “She never gets this attention,” she said. “This means so much to us.” Her little girl was filled with so much joy to have the visiting queens in her hospital room, in which her guardian said she spends most all of her time lately. Miss Alaska painted the little girl’s nails and when her nails were all dry, the girl couldn’t stop smiling she was so proud of them and she even waved her hands in the air to show the nurses passing by her room.

One of my favorite parts of these hospital visits is watching the girls open up as they get more comfortable with everyone. One little girl was very shy at first, but as she spent time with one of the visiting titleholders, she began to open and talk to her comfortably over manicures and coloring pictures of Queen Elsa! By the end of the visit, the little girl even asked if she could try on her “big crown” which was a request easily granted!

This visit was very special because it really reminded everyone involved of how important it is to spend time to make others feel special, because all it takes is a couple hours of your time. All you need is a little makeup, some sparkle, and a smile to grant a little girl’s wish to be queen for a day!