May 16 - Ronald McDonald House Minneapolis

May 16 - Ronald McDonald House - Minneapolis

Activities: Superhero training, pompom shooters, guess-how- much game, pictures w/superheroes, makeup/nail polish/tiaras, bingo

The pompom shooting was the big hit, along with chasing Spiderman around. The makeup/tiaras was as typical. The candy jar held 270 pieces of candy, and one boy guessed 245, far more than anyone else. Bingo was a hit as every kid won a prize. The grand prizes were drawn at the end, which left each of the six families present with either a gift card or a superhero picture frame.

One little girl couldn’t leave Superwoman’s side during the event. There was a family of four kids, two of which were twins, and one of which wanted his nails painted – Superman was his choice for that task (first time for everything). Four boys made it through superhero training with Superman, and all received a small gift. It was a very fun night for all involved!

# of Attendees: 8-9 boys, 7-8 girls, 6 parents