August 19 - Texas Children's Cancer Center

On Monday, August 19th, For A Day was happy to host an amazing two-hour event filled with food, fun and and entertainment for 32 girls, 38 boys, as well as their families, at Texas Children's Hematology and Cancer Center. 

In the Waiting Room, Leo from Three Balloons Entertainment set up a puppet show. A talented puppeteer and brilliant storyteller, Leo single-handedly changed the atmosphere in the Waiting Room from apprehensive and tense to relaxed and delighted. All the children and their families loved Leo's spectacular puppet show.

In the Infusion Area, where the children were getting their treatment drips, our volunteers set up table stations supplied with superhero capes and masks for girls and boys; puppet craft kits; popsicle stick crafts; and canvas drawstring tote bags that the children could decorate. Boys and girls gathered at the different stations, happily absorbed in the steps of various activities while encouraged and guided by our volunteers. At the beginning of the event I noticed one little girl and her mother. The little girl was receiving her treatment drip. She and her mother were sitting quietly without much to do. I went over to tell the little girl about the craft stations we were setting up. When she heard, her small face lit up and she told her mother that she wanted to participate. My heart filled with pure joy when I later glimpsed this little girl happily working on her puppet craft while wearing a superhero cape and mask.    

Because of donations from supporters and sponsors, For A Day was also able to provide a delicious pizza luncheon for all the attendees. 

As we were leaving, a mother and daughter in the elevator commented how fast the daughter's treatment appointment went, due to all the fun activities of today's event. The mother thanked us for making this event happen.   

We at For A Day humbly pass this mother's thanks to you. Our volunteers, supporters and sponsors are the reason we are able to create amazing monthly events for boys and girls receiving treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses in Houston. We particularly want to express our utmost thanks to Sandra for encouraging the children to participate in the puppet show; to Paula for helping the children choose their superhero capes and masks; for Luz and Sylvere for assisting the children with the crafts; and for Chris for serving lunch.  

Each volunteer, supporter and sponsor is a important petal in the bouquet of succor that For A Day strives to be for families whose children are undergoing treatment. Thank you for helping us transform treatment days into fun days, for helping our organization create sweet memories for children and their families. For that, and more, we thank you.