August 4 - Camp Quality, NJ

I arrived at camp with two of my dedicated volunteers Reshma and Nehal Patel.  We did a quick set up since our time slot was for 2 hours and the campers were excited to get started. 

There were so many different activities scheduled for the week, and the campers were really excited about being able to decorate their own keepsake shield.  My husband, son and granddaughter all worked a weekend prior to get all the shields prepped for our first Camp Quality Event.  

The boys weren’t the only ones enjoying the shields, our little princesses did as well and the adult chaperones, both male and female, decorated crowns fit for a queen and king and also had their nails painted.  The room was filled with so much excitement and laughter.  It warmed my heart to see all the children being able to be kids and bonding with their peers whom were also battling cancer. 

The camp is in a beautiful, private wooded setting in New Jersey.  We look forward to hosting another event next year with Camp Quality and can’t wait for the theme to be disclosed.

We prepared for 20 boys and 20 girls plus the chaperones.  We were short a few showing up because they were out participating inother activities and our slot was for two hours.

We gave out blow up swords to go along with the shields and jewelry, wands, lip gloss and nail polish to go along with the crowns and princess hats.  We were able to get a quick photo with some of the campers that were left at the end of the event.  The others ran off to go fishing and play outdoors.