July 23 - Camp Quality South

Camp Quality South,  Thursday, July 23, 2015

by Megan Maiani, Area Director

We saw 65 children come through our event this year!  Our volunteers once again did an amazing job helping get the kids ready for their end of the week dance/talent show.  

Salon 416 sent hairdressers as well as Monroe Community College Nursing Students who used to do hair before entering the Nursing program.  They braided, curled, and even cut one guys hair!  The big hit with the hair was the colored spray that washes out.  We had a group of women who painted the girls nails as well as applied makeup to them.  The Johnson family came out and put tattoos on the kids.  

In all the years For a Day has went out to Camp Quality I have never seen the tattoos become such a hit.  The companions and all the kids were putting them everywhere!  Jeremy James, Detroit Police Office came out with his Police gear and was a hit once again.  One of the campers Tyler, waits for him every year.  I watched him sit with JJ the entire time and listen in on the police radio.  At the end of the event, Tyler talked JJ into spraying his hair rainbow colors.  Hopefully it came out in time for JJ to teach the police recruits the next morning!  

We had a craft table that the kids could make bracelets, color pennants (going with the theme game on), as well as decorate personal medals. Finally our last activity was cookie decorating.  The Chandler's and the Carmichael's did an amazing job making sure the kids each received a cookie and could decorate it with gummy worms, sprinkles, and many different colored frostings.  

This event is one of the most rewarding ones that For a Day does each year.  All of the kids were so thankful and really look forward to this each year.  It is an amazing thing to watch them grow up each year and remember the volunteers that continue to come back.