10th Annual FAD Fashion Show - Watch the Live Broadcast!

For 10 years, For a Day has hosted a fashion show in Carson's department store at Partridge Creek Mall in Charter Twp of Clinton, featuring patients, former patients, & siblings as the models!

Participants get to choose their modeling outfits from the store, then strut down a "runway." Most of our participants have been participating for several years, if not all 10 years! 

This year, we broadcast the show LIVE through Facebook. People from all over the country showed their love to the kids and left encouraging messages during the broadcast. And we published a commemorative booklet, celebrating the families of the fashion show: 10th Annual Fashion Show Booklet

A very special thanks to our sponsors of the show: 

English Gardens
Nino Salvaggio's
Tea Party Castle
Tricho Salon

Jennifer Laurain-Cattini - Massage Therapist
Marilynn Hartrick - Massage Therapist
Heather Savas - Photographer
Parties and Poses - Photographer

California Pizza Kitchen of Partridge Creek Mall

Carson's - for hosting 9 years of this life-changing event!