May 15 - Maria Fareri Children's Hospital

Monday, May 15 - Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
Girls -
Boys -

Monday May 15 was Westchester’s first event. The event took place at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. The hospital caters to children from birth to 21 affected by numerous conditions ranging from infectious diseases, oncology, and hematology.

This particular event took place in their activity room; it was a split event - half queen and half superhero. The duration of the event lasted for three hours and catered to every child that walked in the room. The queens and superheroes engaged in art activities, pampered with a nail spa, super hero capes, boas and crowns.

In addition, the children that were unable to attend the event were given room visits by the volunteers. The event was incredible - the children and doctors expressed the impact that For a Day Foundation has made on them from this event. We look forward to visiting this facility again and putting on a bigger and better event.

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital is an advanced care pediatric hospital for New York's Hudson Valley region and Fairfield county, and is part of the Valhalla, NY campus of WMCHealth Westchester Medical center and Behavioral Health center. It operates under a “family-centered care” approach to treating children. This philosophy involves parents, siblings and family members in every step of a child’s treatment, and is provided in a building designed specifically from the point of view of children and their families.