March 29 - MD Anderson - Queen & Hero for a Day

Today we were very excited about our event at MD Anderson, at which we distributed the books from our book drive to children and teenagers receiving treatment. Thanks to our donors, we were able to accrue $300.00 worth of books; in addition, Usborne gave us $150.00 more in books. We served 6 girls and 4 boys.

On the way to MD Anderson, one of our volunteers, Rosane, and I picked up lunch which was generously donated by Great Wraps. When we arrived at MD Anderson, we were met by four volunteers, two wearing tiaras and the other two wearing superhero capes. 

We set up a table with all the books and bags. Another table had tiaras, superhero cape-and-mask kits, and wigs from Magic Yarn. Magic Yarn's Louisiana Chapter always sends the most beautiful princess wigs and superhero hats for us to distribute to the children. At another table, we had food and drinks for the family and patients. We fed people thanks to Great Wraps. There was another table with different crafts activities. We had bookmarks for the children and teenagers. We also had puppet table so the children could make their own puppets. We also had another table with makeup and nail polish for the girls who wanted to have their own makeup and their nails done.

Three Balloons Entertainment was invited to our event to do a puppet show for the children. Leo created an amazing puppet show for the children and the teenagers. 

The child life assistant told me that two of the children who were at the event had not left their rooms in a couple of days and it was so nice to see them happy enjoying the puppet show. One was a boy who was two years old. When he entered the room, he looked like he wasn’t feeling very well. His mother was holding him and he had his head on her shoulder. However, little by little he started to looked happier every time he saw something that he liked; for instance, when he choose his two favorite books, and especially when he was looking at the puppet show. 

We had an amazing group of volunteers one from Global Welding Services as well as from Shell Outpost and family members of Shell employees. 

We want to thank everyone who participated at our event and specially to Great Wraps for donating the lunch. Thank you to Three Balloons Entertainment for providing such an amazing puppet show, and to our donors and sponsors. We thank everyone who help support the Houston Chapter of For A Day Foundation. Because of you, every month we are able to make a bad day into a good day for at least one child undergoing treatment. Our hearts overflow with gratitude.