June 11 - Royal Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, June 11, 2014

By Debbie Hormel, Beaumont Chairperson and FADF Advisory Board

We had a great turnout for our Craft Party in the Garden Room at Royal Oak Beaumont’s Pediatric Unit. 

Thank you Catie Glossmann for making the invitations for each child - I’m sure that helped to get the word out about our event. We had 7 patients come to assemble and decorate yummy sugar cookies, complete with sprinkles, frostings, and lots of mini marshmallows. There were mugs to decorate for Father’s Day, and door hangers to create. After our photo shoot of each child the kids were busy decorating and personalizing picture frames for their photos we developed on the spot. 

For all the other kids that couldn’t join us we filled up FADF gift bags with lots of goodies: crafts, crayons, activity books, small toys, nail polish, etc. Each bag was hand packed and items were age and gender appropriate. Bottomless Toy Chest donated a Fazzoodles toys for each child in the Pediatric Unit. 

Altogether we filled 11 bags! A huge thank you to Fayclare Blau, Beth Sills and Catie Glossmann for helping to make this a great event. 

The time you spent with each child was precious!