May 6 - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Hero for a Day

MAY 6TH 2014



THIS WAS A HUGELY SUCCESSFUL EVENT. We have never had so many little Heroes come through our event and we could not be happier about it.

We completely used up every single hero cape, accessory, and any related materials and we loved leaving with empty bins! At our event, we also were lucky enough to have Clark Kent (Superman’s ego)and Wonder Woman come and hang out with the kids! 

They were also gracious enough to sign autographs and take photos with the children. We also had visitors from the Dekalb Fire Station #1 which delighted the kids. A couple of the kids glowed the moment the big, burly, and handsome firefighters walked into the door! I think that may have been the “draw” of the event.

Speaking of drawing...we had our resident caricature artist, Vincent Wolf, ( come to help the patients create their very own superhero persona to help them battle whatever disease or illness that they are currently battling! Vincent also donated an entire box of his newest published children’s book which, if you have not picked it up, RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest website and purchase it. The book is called THE BOY WITH HEARTS FOR HAIR and it is truly the perfect book for children that are patients in a hospital. The book is beautifully artistic and the story is an amazing life lesson. Vincent signed each copy and we can not thank him enough for everything he has done with the foundation. He is a true asset! We love him and so do the kids! 

Moving on in the room, we had a lovely cookie decorating station...which if you can tell...I love to have at every event. It does not even matter if the kids eat the cookies, the joy they have from decorating them and many times just giving the decorated cookies out to anyone that surrounds them is awesome! Worth it every single time. We also had a primo temp tattoo station, face painting station, craft station (mask creations), and dress up station. The room was PACKED with children and we all know that a child’s giggle is the most precious sound a person can hear...there were many giggles today.