Event summaries - June 6 & June 11

On June 6th, we hosted 11 beautiful girls for Queen for a Day at Phoenix Children's Hospital. After the traditional make-over and manicure, the patients created a fashion show runway out of our red carpet and completed their runway tour with a photo. 

On June 11th, we hosted 9 boys and 3 girls for Hero for a Day, with customizable capes for everyone. 

One little boy requested that his mom, dad, and brother make a cape and wore a fireman's helmet with him to make him feel more comfortable... which was super cute!

We had one little boy who was a little bit older so initially wasn’t too excited about the event. But after checking everything out he finally asked if he could make a fireman cape and we could attach the fireman's hat to the back of the cape....so he could be like a real fireman! Not just pretend. He ended up wearing the cape and loving it.

The 3 little girls that came to Hero for a day ( that did not attend QFAD) loved making the superhero capes! All in all both events were a great success and PCH was very happy to have QFAD at the hospital. They are looking forward to working with us again.