June 12 - Florida Hospital for Children - Queen for a Day

Florida Hospital for Children - June 12, 2018

3 girls, 5 boys

Change of plans! Today we ended up moving our Queen for a Day visit to Florida Hospital for Children.  After setting up in the playroom and few quick wardrobe changes, we were ready to greet our first visitor!

A beautiful young lady named Mariah was first to walk through the door! (For those of you that follow our visits, we met Mariah on our last visit to Florida Hospital for Children.)  Zuli had just finished telling us that Maria has been wanting to get her nails done, so the first thing we did was let her pick her favorite nail polish color...purple!  Daniela, one of our volunteers, painted Mariah's nails and chatted with her while she decorated a picture frame.

We also had a young man named Lukas come in with his little sister and parents.  Another volunteer, and one of our wonderful sponsors, Dale sat with Lukas and helped decorate his knight's shield. His sister, wanting to be part of the fun, picked a nail polish and let her mother paint her nails. When they were done, they made some snap jewelry, decorated a frame and took pictures with our king's crown and pageant tiara.

The fun didn't end there!  We had some special guests on hand...King Tyler and Mrs. Florida American Spirit, aka Maureen!  While our little visitors were busy, Zuli and I took the King and Queen to visit a girl that was not feeling her best.  We brought her a frame, makeup, some decorations and a beautiful tiara!  Apparently, she has a collection of tiaras, but none are from a real beauty pageant!

When we returned to the playroom, we quietly searched through the tiaras for one Mariah would like and found one adorned with a purple butterfly!  I passed it to our Queen and she crowned Mariah.  We took pictures and sent her off with her goodie bag and a smile!  

Logan received his knight helmet and took pictures with our royal guests and his family, each of which left smiling from the afternoons event.

We quickly packed up and Zuli escorted us to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, where we had the pleasure of meeting three young boys.  We brought goodies for all, including much loved glow in the dark swords!  

On our way out, we stopped in Mariah's room and decorated it with the long, gold circle garland we used to decorate the playroom23.  She was still wearing her tiara along with her big, bright smile!

It was a WONDERFUL day and we are so thankful to Nussi and Zuli for allowing us to have this impromptu visit!  I also want to thank our volunteers, Dale, Daniela, Maureen and Tyler!