June 27 - Florida Hospital for Children - Queen for a Day 18th Anniversary Visit

Florida Hospital for Children - 18th Anniversary Visit

Today we celebrated For a Day Foundation's 18th anniversary at Florida Hospital for Children!  We turned girls into queens and boys into superheroes with the help of our special guest, Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004!  Together, we went room to room, visiting a total of 7 children (4 girls and 3 boys.)  

We started out in the room of a very sweet young man named Feliciano.  Feliciano LOVES soccer!  With the World Cup on in the background, he decided on the Flash cape and mask. We talked sports, took pictures and left him and his family with a goodie bag of fun items.

We also saw Mariah!  Her glittery purple nails still looked good after two weeks!  She decided to change it up, and went with a berry color.  Ericka painted Mariah's nails while we all chatted about guitar lessons and YouTube.  Mom helped pick out a fabulous tiara that Ericka placed on her and we took tons of pictures! 

The last little girl was quite the prankster!  We were told she was tired, but that we could go in for a few minutes.  Ericka and I walked into the room and she yelled, "Boo!" She definitely got us!  Her sisters and mom were with her and helped pick out nail polish and admired the makeup.  We pulled out a pretty tiara that Ericka placed on her head.  She decided she wanted to capture the moment on video, as proof that she was crowned by Miss America!  

We ended the morning by celebrating our 18th anniversary with a delicious cake and volunteer/child life specialist picture!  I want to thank Nussi and Zuli for another wonderful visit!  And a special thanks to Ericka for helping us bring smiles and positive vibes to the kids!  (Ericka brought a small rose quartz with her for each child.  Rose quartz is said to bring comfort, healing and love!)