June 21 - Franciscan Children's Hospital

The approximate age of attendees was between 5 and 11. We were allowed to visit 2 individual rooms following the conclusion of the event during which time we presented these two boys with their cape and mask.

Both boys were superhero enthusiasts and had expressed interest in attending the event but were unable to do so. They were both ecstatic when presented with their cape and mask and wanted to wear them right away! The first room we entered contained a boy of about 4 years of age who loved The Incredibles and wanted to wear his own Mr. Incredible mask.

The second boy we visited was about 7 years old and his room was decorated with Captain America souvenirs and he was thrilled to add to his collection with his very own mask and cape!

The smiles were contagious. The visit lasted approximately 2 hours from 2-4 pm and we had a variety of popular activities for attendees to participate in- coloring drawstring bags, decorating picture frames, makeup for girls, and masks and capes for the boys. The hospital staff were very appreciative of our visit and expressed interest in having us host another event with them in the future.