June 20 - Ronald McDonald House Atlanta, Gatewood location

As another part of our anniversary tour, we hosted a Queen & Hero for a Day party at Ronald McDonald House Atlanta, Gatewood location on Thursday, June 20th.

In attendance was co-founders Jenna & Debbie Edwards, and our Houston chapter director, Maria Lu. The three party veterans quickly setup one long table in the activity room, laying out Almay makeup and nail polish at one end, bordered by a sparkly array of rhinestone tiaras, a color-your-own-drawstring bag and customize-your-superhero-cape & mask activity, then a selection of brightly colored superhero capes and masks, a selection of puzzle balls to keep them busy in their downtime, and a stack of super soft fleece blankets.

As the kids filed in, we invited them to participate in whichever activity struck their fancy. We saw 5 girls and 5 boys, plus a few families that dropped by to pick up some goodies for their tired kids back in their rooms.

Most of the kids made the effort to try all our activities. Girls chose to have their nails painted, and then chose eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick from Almay, a hypoallergenic cosmetic brand, meaning it's especially formulated for sensitive skin. They enjoyed getting really sparkly eyeshadow, like they were ready to party the night away! It was especially fun to watch them trying on different crowns, until they found one that fit their head and style preferences.

One little girl had the brightest smile! At first, she was only interested in nail polish, but after watching a couple other girls with their Almay Cosmic lip gloss, she decided to give it a try, too!

In just a few minutes, kids can show such creativity with their coloring and decorating activities. We watched in awe as they created new superhero characters by sticking new shapes and letters on their masks and capes. We even had one girl transform from a 'queen' and into a superhero with a crown (not too far from Wonder Woman, eh?!).

And in a flash, everyone had cycled through the activity room and gone back to their rooms. The house staff commented on how fun it was to see all the queens & heroes wandering the house in their sparkly eyes, crowns, and flowing capes.

We're so grateful to have met Maria in person, who happened to be in Atlanta while we were there, too. And we're grateful to Almay for their generous donation of their Shadow Squad collection, bushes, and Lip vibes and Cosmic Lip Gloss collections. It's a delight to share with concerned parents that we're using products formulated for their kids' safety and entertainment!