March 10 - Franciscan Children's Hospital

Girls: 15
Boys: 7

The chapter had a very successful event at the Franciscan Children’s Hospital’s Kennedy Day School. We served patients ages 5 to 15 years old. There were 3 gift bags left behind for children who could not attend the event, each filled with craft materials, tiara, boa, lip gloss, and a colorful pencil. We visited some individual rooms, where we hand delivered 3 additional bags to patients who could not attend the event.

The patients were incredibly excited about the event and many of their parents had dressed them up in prince and/or princess attire for the day. The hospital staff had a very favorable experience and was so thrilled to have us all attend. The event lasted for approximately 2 hours. The facility delivered information in advance of the event to families of the patients. We had four Miss America Organization titleholders present (which the kids loved!), three from Massachusetts, and one from Maryland.

One of them had previously volunteered. The activities we offered included: Nail Painting, Tattoos, Make Up, Dress Up (Boas, Tiaras, Crowns), Shield Crafts, and Foam Crown Crafts. While the event was highly successful, I will be reaching out in the coming months to other children’s hospitals which specialize in working with pediatric cancer patients, to better focus the mission of the Boston chapter’s outreach.