March 29 - Children's Hospital at Providence Medical Center

Children's Hospital at Providence Medical Center
March 29, 2017
Queens- 3
Heroes- 2

Our first hospital visit of the year landed on a major snow day in the city of Anchorage. With record-breaking snowfall, our visit was much smaller than usual but we had a wonderful day at the hospital nonetheless.  During our visit, we saw patients in isolation and crowned three princesses and gave two little heroes fire hats!

In the spirit of the snow day, we brought out the Frozen coloring books and spent a lot of time with one little princess who enjoyed talking about all things Elsa! After some princess stories, girl-talk and nail art, she was so excited to receive a tiara just like Queen Elsa’s! She had the biggest smile on her face when she was crowned and said she is going to keep the crown on for a long time!

This was our first visit involving our boy patients which was exciting for us! The little boys were thrilled to receive fire hats! One little boy rode around the hospital in his red toy car and when he received his fire hat, he looked like a real little fireman! It was the cutest thing!

We are looking forward to making many more memories with our little princesses and heroes in the hospital this year!