March - Storytime for a Day

This month we had our annual Story Time For A Day at the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta!

The kids at the house were immediately greeted by Cinderella, Tinkerbell, and Pocahontas. Two of our board members and our administrative intern dazzled the kids by dressing up as these three characters and spending the evening with them!

Each child selected a hand-made blanket with their favorite design or character on it, a bed time story book, and a hand-made crocheted hat! The kids giggled and smiled as they curled up in their blankets and flipped through their new books.

The night kicked off with the kids and their families cuddled up in the lobby listening as Cinderella and Anna narrated a story from one of the bed time story books. Then Pocahontas took over story time with another story from the bed time story books. The kids then moved into the dining area where each of them were able to decorate a pillow case with their favorite characters on them! The tables were filled with character stencils, big white pillow cases, and more fabric markers than you could count. The board members and three characters helped the kids trace and color on their pillow cases to fit their own unique styles!

One little girl in particular, Karma Lilly, created a beautiful pillow case with Ariel, Snow White, and Cinderella on it. She insisted that Tinkerbell and Copelyn not tell Cinderella that she was being put on the pillow case. After the pillow case was completed, Karma Lilly hopped down from her chair with excitement to then show Cinderella what she had created. Not only did she want Cinderella to see her pillow case, but she wanted Cinderella to have the pillow case. Cinderella’s heart was so filled with joy by this sweet gesture from such a precious little girl!

The characters and board members continued to laugh and play with the kids for the duration of the evening. The program ended with the kids, parents, and board members getting a slice of one of the biggest cookie cakes we have ever seen! We were so grateful to spend the one-on- one time with each of the kids and their families during the evening! Story Time For A Day was a great success this year and we are thankful for the Ronald McDonald House letting us share the evening with all of them!