May 28th Visit to Rochester Mayo Clinic

The first event for the chapter took place on Thursday, May 28th of 2015 at the Rochester Mayo Clinic – St. Mary’s Campus.  There were a total of three volunteers, three firefighters, two police officers, Miss Minnesota USA, Miss Teen Minnesota USA and myself (Jason Lennox).  

The ages of patients/siblings ranged from 1 to around 15.  There were approximately 15 total patients and siblings – about 7 girls, 4 boys, and 4 room visits (I was speaking to a media member as the room visits happened and was unable to get an accurate count of boys/girls).  

Parents, staff and everyone involved shared their appreciation and excitement about the event.  The event lasted just short of two hours total time.  Crafts were offered for those who were waiting to meet firefighters and/or beauty queens.  Flyers were made for the hospital prior to the event that promoted the event well.  A local news channel and internal news member both attended the event and took much information, pictures and history from myself and those in attendance.

The event went over as well, if not better than expected and was encouraging for all involved.  This is a place we will be continuing to work with and put on events for.