Moen Family Experience

Hunter Moen, age 15 during treatment

Hunter’s story, as of September, from his mother:

Hunter was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer, in his leg on January 25th, 2018. He began chemo a week later. At the end of March they retested and found the chemo had not worked and the cancer had spread to his lungs. The doctors decided they needed to do surgery to amputate his leg as soon as possible. April 5th was the day of surgery. He recovered for a couple weeks after that. They scanned again to get a baseline to start chemo with a new regimen of meds. They found that the cancer had spread even more into his lungs and a spot in his shoulder. They gave him a couple cycles of chemo again and rescanned to see if chemo had helped any. He was stable. They did a couple more cycles. They decided to do surgery on his lungs to remove the spots. He went in July 26th and they removed 21 spots – 10 from the left lung and 11 from the right lung. He again recovered well. He underwent another cycle of chemo. While he was in, they did a chest CT to give another baseline, so they could recheck for progress mid-September. On Wednesday, August 22nd he began his 5 days of radiation to target the spot in his shoulder. He completed that Tuesday the 28th. He began cycle 6 of chemo August 31st. He's held up pretty good overall, aside from all the spreading.

From Jason, the Local Chapter Director: This was one of our more silent events, with the family protecting Hunter’s wellness. This boy’s story is a hard one to read. He’s been through it all in short time. We were happy to provide a weekend getaway for the family of six to Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, and as mom said, “it will be so nice to just not have to worry about hospitals, treatments, and the everyday struggle we’ve dealt with over the majority of 2018.”