December 10 - Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center

Today, we had our last event of the year.  

We closed with a Queen and Hero For a Day event at the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematologist Center. 

There was a little girl who loved having her make-up and nails done by the volunteers. The boys had a great time choosing the capes and mask. There was a brother of a patient who loved his SuperMan cape while he drove around his small car.

The children had so much fun playing Bingo. There was a boy who played more than 3 times while he was getting his treatment. His mom also participated in the Bingo game too. The children were able to win surprises which included card games. We had picture world Bingo for the little ones too. 

We were able to provide snacks and juices for the children and family members. We gave in total 24 snack bags. Two volunteers pushed a little wagon with the snacks bags around the center to give away the snacks. 

In total, we had 6 boys and 5 girls. It was a small, but very special event in which our goal was met: bringing joy to the children while they play, had their nails done, or while choosing their own tiara or super hero cape & masks. 

We want to thank our volunteers and Global Welding Services for being part of our event. 

Happy Holidays!