Oct 2 Children's Hospital of Providence


On October 2, the Alaska Chapter hosted their 2nd Queen for a Day event at the Children’s Hospital at Providence. 

Due to the dietary restriction of many of the girls, we were unable to bring food items, so we had to just make it one big spa day filled with pink lemonade, pampering and girl talk! Because there were so many girls, we decided to put the movie Frozen on in the background to entertain girls while they waited for their turn to have their turn at pampering. Frozen was a huge hit and all of the girls broke into song when “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” came on, and of course they dropped everything they were doing to sing along with Elsa in “Let It Go.”  It was the cutest thing! 

One of the younger girls was so excited to have her makeup done and receive her own goodie bag of makeup products that she told her mom she wouldn’t touch her makeup anymore because she has her own now. Two of our little queens were unable to make it to the playroom so we brought the party to them. They were overjoyed to havetheir own private queen party!

I noticed many of the parents enjoy being involved as well, so I plan to bring an activity (picture frame decorating) to future events, so they can be a part of the afternoon with their daughters. Seeing the smiles on the parents’ faces as they watched their little queens enjoy an afternoon of dress-up was so special. This experience has brought many amazing memories for both the little queens and our volunteers. I am looking forward to watching our chapter grow and bring many more smiles to our Alaskan children in the years ahead.