Oct 14 Vanderbilt Children's Hospital visit summary

This is the party summary for our party October 14, 2014. 

This was our last party for 2014.  Reflecting over the year, I feel so very blessed in the children and their families I have been able to meet.  I realize some are just passing through the hospital halls and very surprised to have such a fun event for the day.  Others the harsh reality is that this is what they are now calling a home away from home.  My prayer is that just for a short time we have brought smiles and some laughter to their lives, with rhinestone studded crowns, painted nails, glossy lips, fire trucks, red hats, real live firefighters and queens, some trinkets, and a photo to capture that moment. I hope they know each and every one also stays on my mind and more importantly in my prayers for their healing and health.  

The Tutu Ladies once again brought huge smiles with the fabulous tutus and capes the children absolutely LOVE!!!! So thrilled to have them as regulars at our events!! We love to watch as little girls twirl around in their own tutus and the boys running with capes flying behind them.  They now include tutu wands, and colorful mask for the superhero capes!!! We had 8 girls that were treated as Queens, one little girl, with bright eyes, talked the whole time about how excited she was to become a Queen!!  Another feisty one made the statement..”she was so excited she just couldn’t stand herself”!!!  That’s what these are all about!!!  We also were able to make up 6 gift bags for children unable to physically come to the party.  

Tori Inman does such a great job on being a role model for these children… It is such a joy to witness her caring and tender moments with these little ones.  We have been so blessed to have wonderful ladies represent their titles so very well.  A huge thank you to all of the volunteers that take time out of their schedules make this such a huge success!    Delaney Henry words cannot express how much I appreciate the love that you have shown to this organization and to me.  Thank you!!! 

The boys were treated to the Nashville Firefighters Engine 16, these guys are so great with these kids.  They never hesitate greeting the boys and girls and helping them pick out special party favors.  We had 6 boys excited to hang out and talk to the firemen, they help them pick out party favors and share in some laughs. Our guys received a call during the party and had to make an early exit, to the sadness to one little guy that was waiting on getting his picture taken with them.  

Another HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that devote their precious time to put huge smiles on these precious children faces if only for an hour, the memories made in that hour will last a lifetime. 

So looking forward to next year with more parties and making smiles!!